World Creativity and Innovation Day 2023

    Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day – a day declared by the UN to promote creative, multidisciplinary thinking and help people achieve the sustainable future we all desire. We reflect on how our 100% electric crawler cranes began, update you on where we are now, and give you a glimpse of our future plans.

    How it all started

    It all started when PVE Cranes & Services CEO Joost Bömer noticed a growing demand for CO2 reduction on construction tenders. He looked to the automotive industry for inspiration and wanted to offer emission-free, 100% electric cranes – something already done in electric cars, but on a XXL scale. With this PV-E Crane was born.

    Where are we now

    We are now two years in and have successfully delivered two electric crawler cranes in the Netherlands. Another one is in the final testing stages. We see a shift from diesel to electric cranes.

    Where are we going

    With a growing demand for electric cranes, we are exploring the opportunity of transforming old diesel engine cranes into 100% electric cranes. Who knows what the future will bring…

    Did you know?

    • You can buy an electric crane with governmental subsidy. Check the RVO website (Netherlands) to see if your project is eligible for subsidization.
    • There is no loss in strength between a diesel-powered and electric crane.
    • We offer cranes in the 80t – 135t and 160t – 250t range.
    • It’s possible to change the battery packs on the crane or charge them through a power outlet via the undercarriage.

    Join us in creating a better construction site with safe, sustainable, emission-free, and affordable lifting equipment. Contact us to learn more about renting or purchasing an electric crawler crane.