Lattice Boom Crawler Crane EC90

Crawler cranes with a lattice boom are often used for heavy lifting work on construction projects and in the erection of wind turbines. Our electric crawler crane EC90 with lattice boom has several advantages: maximum lifting capacity of 90 tons, good transportability and cost-efficiency.  And above all, 100% emission-free.

Max Load capacity 90t
Max hoist heigt 58m
Max radius 48m
Single line pull 8t

Features EC90


Modular design

Modular design tor optimized performance and efficient maintenance through innovative layout of hydraulic and electric systems.

100% electric

Powerful lifting capacity:

Max. lifting capacity of 90 t/4 m, max. lifting torque of 350 t.m, max. boom of 58 m, fixed jib max. combination of 49 m+18 m.


100% traveling with load

Strong traveling traction and traveling stability bring the advantages of the crawler crane into play to perfection.


Max load capacity 90t 89t
At radius 4m 13ft
Single line pull 8t 8t
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 13m 43t
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 58m 190ft
Lattice fixed jib from 9m 30ft
Lattice fixed jib up to 18m 59ft
Crane mass (with basic boom & hook) 85t 85t
Central ballast 30,6t 30,6t
Counterweight at superstructure 10t 10t
Engine power 200kW 200kW
Battery capacity 270 KW/H 270 KW/H

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Everything you need to know about the Lattice Boom Crawler Crane EC90 is in our brochure. Need more information or personal assistance? We are happy to help you.

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