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Innovative Electric Crawler Cranes

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PV-E Crane B.V. focuses on the development, production and marketing of 100% electric crawler cranes and related accessories. The goal is to contribute to a better and healthier construction site by providing sustainable and emission-free cranes. All PV-E Cranes are electrically powered, which means lower maintenance costs and different service intervals.

No noise
Quiet operation

The electric crawler cranes operate virtually silently, which is more pleasant for the crane operator and the environment.

100% electric
Unlimited battery powered

Our standard set of batteries allows for at least 8 hours of work. Need to work longer? No problem, you can charge via the undercarriage while working.

100% fuel savings

Better for the environment, less pollution: PVE Crane helps reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust fumes.

Emission free

Reduce your CO2 and NOx emissions to zero to help the environment and the health of your fellow human beings.

Our products

Our electric cranes contribute to a sustainable, emissionfree lifting solution, ensuring a clean and quiet construction site. By offering customers a complete, ecofriendly system, PVE Crane makes transitioning from diesel to electricity as easy as possible.

Electric Crawler Crane EC135

Lattice Crawler Crane

Electric Telescopic crawler crane

Telescopic Crawler Crane


Our partners

Together with our partners from the crawler crane and automotive industries, we have developed an innovative product line with both lattice boom and telescopic mast cranes.

Benefits for
multiple stakeholders

Electric cranes offer many advantages not just for one stakeholder, but for many others working on the construction site. If you need advice and support on site layout, charging solutions, and/or renewable energy, we can work together to find an ideal total solution for all stakeholders.

Crane operator
  • Comfortable workplace with tiltable cabin (optional)
  • Luxury driver’s seat that is fully adjustable
  • Dark tinted glass
Colleagues on the construction site
  • Quieter
  • Cleaner air
  • Leading the way in emission-free lifting
  • Bidding for zero-emission tenders
  • Lower total cost of society, partly due to our battery packs that can be used for 8 hours.
City, region or country
  • Cleaner air
  • Less noise
  • Be at the forefront of the climate discussion as a city or region

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