Telescopic electric crawler crane ECT120

Telescopic Crawler Crane ECT120

Crawler telescopic cranes are often used for heavy lifting work on narrow construction projects and as assistant cranes during the installation of windmills. Our crawler telescopic crane ECT120 has several advantages: maximum lifting capacity of 120 tons, 100% traveling with load, good transportability and cost-efficiency and compact design, ideal for narrow job sites.

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Max load capacity 120t
Max hoist heigt 50m
Max radius 48m
Single line pull 8,3t

Features ECT120

100% electric

Powerful lifting capacity

Max. lifting capacity of 80 t/3 m, max. boom 44 m, fixed jib max. combination 44 m + 14 m. Powerful winches: 22-mm hoist cables on both winches for fast and powerful hoist with less reeving.


Telescopic boom

U-shape boom made of high-strength steel for optimized strength. The telescopic mechanism is composed of cylinder and rope blocks, with better telescopic performance. 


Design and hydraulics

Modular design highly efficient hydraulics, simple electronics, and easy maintenance. All hydraulic functions can be accurately operated simultaneously with low engine rpm. 


Self-assembly device

Highly efficient and safe self-assembly function can fulfill the quick assembly/disassembly of the whole crane. The superstructure is equipped with a self-assembly cylinder and the undercarriage is equipped with an outrigger cylinder. The counterweights, tracks, and extension frame can be assembled with the self-assembly function. Optional extendable (8–14 m) fly jib and optional 3-m short jib for complex construction and foundation jobs. 


Max. load capacity 120t 118t
At radius 2,5m 8,2ft
Single line pull 8,3t 8,4t
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 13,2m 43ft
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 50m 164ft
Lattice fixed jib from 8,5m 28ft
Lattice fixed jib up to 21m 69ft
Crane mass (with basic boom & hook) 125t 123t
Counterweight at superstructure 36,5t 36t
Engine power 200kW 200kW
Battery capacity 270KW/H 270KW/H

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