PV-E Crane awarded order for two 100t crawler cranes

    PV- E Crane has been commissioned to deliver several electric crawler cranes this year. First, two 100t crawler cranes with luffing jib will be built. The cranes will later be used for rental purposes.

    The ECT100 is available in 3 options:

    • Only a main boom
    • With luffing jib
    • With fixed jib

    All PV-E Crane crawler cranes are built and tested under EN13000 and EN16228 standards for lifting and foundation.

    Did you know?

    • You can buy an electric crane with governmental subsidy. Check the RVO website (Netherlands) to see if your project is eligible for subsidization.
    • There is no loss in strength between a diesel-powered and electric crane.
    • We offer cranes in the 80t – 135t and 160t – 250t range.
    • You can work using only the battery packs and charge later or charge through a power outlet via the undercarriage while working.

    Join us in creating a better construction site with safe, sustainable, emission-free, and affordable lifting equipment. Contact us to learn more about renting or purchasing an electric crawler crane.