Battery box 130kWh_ Electric crawler crane accessories

Battery packs

The cranes all have a built-in (fast) charger, with which the battery packs can be charged through a grid connection. Faster charging is possible by using a buffer battery that can charge DC. DC charging is possible up to 200kW. An extra battery pack and/or accessories for our cranes can be very useful in certain situations.  PV-E crane parts and components can be ordered directly from PV-E. Ordering a part is easy by contacting us directly.

Dimension (LxWxH) 1136x769x1308
Weight 1200 kg
Protection class IP 65
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C

Changeable battery packs

The battery packs are exchangeable and can be lifted from the crane. Empty battery packs can be replaced with full ones, allowing work to continue without interruption / recharging time. The empty battery packs can be charged with the charging station. An external charging station can be ordered as an option.

Capacity, stability and safety are crucial factors for our battery. The batteries in the battery packs are of LFP technology (lithium, iron and phosphate).

Technology PV-E Crane battery



The batteries we use are an important part of our total solution. Our cranes have high-quality, safe, and durable batteries with LFP technology. This technology is extremely safe and is also used in the automotive industry. For example, buses and trucks have been using this technology for some time. 


Stable and easy to manage

Unlike NMC batteries, LFP batteries are stable and easy to manage. An additional advantage – and not an insignificant one – is that LFP is more durable than NMC. LFP batteries do not use scarce resources such as cobalt and nickel. Because LFP batteries last longer, this technique also means a lower total cost of ownership.

Battery warranty untill 5 years

PV-E Crane offers a battery warranty of up to 5 years. We like to discuss the most optimal warranty with you. We like to look at crucial factors together, such as working hours, charging, and expected use. 


Battery packs

Cell connection in module 2P6S
Capacity 210Ah
Energy 200kWh
Technology LFP
Nominal voltage 624 V
Voltage (max.) 672V
Voltage (min.) 480V
Discharging power max. (10s) 260kW
Charging power max. (10 s) 130 kW
Continous power discharge 130 kW
Continous power charge 65kW
Internal HV fuse 400 A
Power consumption in standby +/- 10mA
Cycle life waranty @80% DOD 3000 cycles or 5 years